Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer 2011 #3: A week in the redwoods

The Scouts and Scouters are finishing up their week today with the Water Carnival and Closing Campfire. The Water Carnival is an afternoon of canoe races, swimming races, and the famous Scoutmaster Belly Flop competition. At the closing campfire, the spotlight is on the Scouts; each troop gets to perform a skit and a song.

I had the opportunity to help lead the weekly Mt. Pico Blanco hike, a great wilderness experience for older boys. We spent the night on top of the mountain, enjoying a sunset over the Pacific and sunrise over the Ventana Cones. Along the way, I shared stories about settlers that once lived in the area.

On my way out of camp, I passed the Nature Director who showing some Scouts in his merit badge class the riparian plants and amphibians. Pico's unique ecosystem allows Nature to be a very hands on area!

This time, I remembered my camera and managed to take a few photos. Please enjoy these:

The merit badge rounds on the Nature Lodge. We have a very interactive program that includes astronomy hikes, nature walks, and demonstrations. Why read about it when you can see it firsthand?

Scouts begin their early morning descent of Mount Pico. The Scouts want to make sure they're back in time for breakfast so they can finish their merit badges.

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